The NYS 1115 Waiver Amendment was approved and the RFAs are live! Questions? Email [email protected]!

Tom McCarroll

Vice President, Compliance

Tom joined Healthy Alliance because he knew that it was a real opportunity to make things better for people, working to expand the understanding of improving health. Tom has been with Healthy Alliance since its inception. Previously, Tom worked in business development for St. Peter’s Health Partners. He also enjoyed many years working at Verizon, where he retired as Verizon’s Vice President for Regulatory and Government Affairs for New York and Connecticut. Tom’s work at Alliance is expansive, with a primary focus on governance, compliance, and privacy. Tom is a big believer in innovative and constructive problem-solving and has volunteered for many years as a community mediator. Although he has lived in a number of different places, he is very happy to be back in his hometown, close to a large extended family and life-long friends.

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