The NYS 1115 Waiver Amendment was approved and the RFAs are live! Questions? Email [email protected]!

Michele Kelly

Chief Administrative and Financial Officer

Michele joined Healthy Alliance because she believes that every individual should have the same access and opportunity for health care and basic need services, regardless of the social and economic conditions in which they were raised or live. She is a CPA and has spent over 20 years directing the financial and operational efforts of community-based organizations, helping their dedicated staff work tirelessly to address the social determinant needs of individuals and families. With that assistance, they can then think about planning for other areas of their lives including health care. She worked with Healthy Alliance for four years as a partner and a member of the Finance Committee prior to becoming the organization’s CAO/CFO. Michele is very excited to be a part of this dynamic team, developing an innovative and integrated system of care across the community. She is on the Board of The Next Step Foundation and a member of the Glenville Local Development Corporation Loan Committee. She lives in Glenville and enjoys spending time with friends and family and on the New England coast.

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